The Prints

"A Photographic Image Is Literally Made Of Time,
Showing Viewers The Projection Of An Instant In History."

Today, with the advent of digital imaging and cell phone cameras,
very few (less than 1%) of photographs are printed on paper.
Prior to this almost all negatives were printed, these snapshots
and family photos were often stashed away in shoe boxes or albums
and could be viewed again years later. The negatives were generally
not saved, the paper prints were all that remain.

Today's cellphone and snapshot photographs, which number in the billions,
we fear will be completely lost in just a few short years as storage
devices change and the digital files are not backed up or printed.

We understand the importance of printing and framing photographs
and realize that these pictures will most likely be saved and
enjoyed for generations.

Producing photographic prints is part science and part art.
We masterfully restore and enhance the original images by removing
surface dust, scratches and anything that wasn't there at the time
of the exposure. This process can reveal details and tonalities
often resulting in prints that look even better than the originals.
In some cases we've decided to leave in some of the defects and damage
of the glass plate negatives, where we feel it enhances their vintage appearance.

Our fine art photo prints, sometimes referred to as "giclee",
are made with pigment inks on museum grade paper to ensure
lasting archival quality. These are all "open edition" prints,
making them affordable and available to discerning art buyers on a budget.

Available in two standard sizes, all of our prints
come over matted with acid-free 100% rag mat board.

Most of the photo prints we sell are done in either Black & White or
"Sepia Tone" which roughly follows printing techniques of their time.
Black & White images are matted in Crisp White, while Sepia and
hand colored images are done with Antique White mats for a vintage look.
If there is a Black & White image that you would rather have done in
Sepia Tone or vise versa, just send us a message and we will accommodate.

The matted prints are shipped to you flat and not in a tube.

Our Framing option provides a finished, ready for hanging photo print
sealed under glass for a lasting display (see "Framing" menu).

Pricing and sizes for prints can be viewed through the galleries.